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iclebo Arte - Cleaning Robot

Liberating: "At last I have a robot that doesn't cost me more time picking dog hairs out of it than I win in having the robot do the cleaning"

Helpful: "The dust box is so easy to take in and out. I also like how he makes the floors shine with the microfibre mop but does not go on carpets when he is doing the mopping. How do they do that?"

Useful: "I had to watch him the first few times as he found a couple of places to get stuck! Now I have fixed that I can go out knowing that when I come home the place will be really clean"

Thorough: "I tested the newest version of Arte after another brand of cleaning robot had supposedly cleaned. Wow, I was amazed how much more dirt iclebo Arte found. It is the best robot cleaning I have ever seen."

Carpets: "The cleaning robots we had before were never much good on carpets. Arte does a much better job, especially if we let it run twice, we don't need our big vacuum cleaner so often now. I think it is going to save a lot of electricity."
Intelligent: "It actually works the way I would expect a cleaning robot to work! It systematically cleans one room and then goes to the next"